cheeseWe pride ourselves on only using the best Ingredients we can find.

Natural foods that are packed full of the nutrients and goodness your baby needs to help them develop.

A baby’s digestive system is more efficient than that of an adults at absorbing foods, enabling the nutrient’s to be processed more quickly.

All the meat we use is 100% British, and all the fish we use has been sustainability caught, with full trace-ability back into the water.
All our products have no added sugar or salt, and contain no preservatives, they are all 100% fresh and natural.

Every one of our  finger food products has been lovingly handmade in our kitchen and quickly frozen down to lock in the goodness, ready to be reheated and enjoyed at your convenience.

Solid Foods

courgetteThe Right Time

Information from The Department of Health states that around 6 months is the best time to start introducing solid food to babies especially when your baby can do the following three things:-

  • Sit up straight and hold their head steady.
  • Co-ordinate their eyes, hands and mouth, and be able to pick up food and put it in their mouth.
  • Can swallow food without spitting out.

Why Finger Food?

There are lots of reasons for choosing to give your  baby finger foods, here are some of them-

  • The younger they are the more willing they are to try out new foods, flavours and textures
  • The more responsive they will be to healthy options
  • Your baby can first begin exploring new tastes and textures themselves
  • There is no spoon feeding tasteless puree, which often has the same taste and texture no matter what variety
  • Its fun to all eat together, it takes the stress and worry away making meal times more relaxed
  • Your baby can decide when they have had enough
  • There is more control over portion sizes
  • Encourages good motor skills, hand eye coordination – great for their early development
  • Can combine smoother products such as soup with finger foods
  • A great sensory experience
  • Eating puree can make it harder for your baby to accept new tastes and textures, meaning they could be more picky when they get older, no stages to worry about
  • Gives them more independence

Why Little Fingers?apple

We are committed to provide high quality nutritious and delicious  finger food for babies and toddlers that will only encourage positive habits. If we learn young chances are as we grow older we will have a happy and healthy attitude to food as well as a diverse palate. We have found out through testing our products on our network of mums and dads that they, as well as their children love the taste and are indeed good for all the family to eat. We freeze as it locks in all the freshness and goodness while being a convenient option for busy parents. Take a look at the nutritional information on the product page for more details.

Never leave your baby or child alone when eating
Babies can choke so be careful with harder foods
 alt= Always cool hot food down and test it before giving it to your baby