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We are a family from West Yorkshire with two young children, Bobby who is three and Daniel who is two. Dad Marcus is a qualified chef, and the creative one with an eye for precision and detail, he has worked as a chef both overseas and in London working in fine dining restaurants for the likes of Marco Pierre white, Nico Ladenis, and Richard Neat.

Mum Joanne is a food developer, the ideas person who loves healthy food. She has developed products for  Yorkshires two largest food retailers,  Asda and Morrison’s for over 10 years.

When our first son Bobby was born we decided that we wanted to feed him based on the principles of baby led weaning as we believed that this would encourage him to try out new textures and flavours, and also help him develop his biting and chewing technique, all at his own pace, giving him the independence he loves. This proved to be a real winner.

We loved this way of feeding, so did Bobby, we believe passionately that this is the best way for babies to start their relationship with food. We believe good food is absolutely fundamental for children to reach their full potential in life.

After experimenting with cooked vegetables as fresh finger foods, we decided to get creative and try more flavour combinations with different textures, aiming at giving him a rounded, nutritious, well balanced diet. Our son ate everything!

After talking with other mums and dads, who also were trying out this method of feeding, we found there was a real lack of options available on the market for people to buy fresh organic finger food.

We decided to set up Little Fingers whilst Marcus was taking 6 months extended paternity leave, and let other children enjoy the food that bobby loved!.

All our food is handmade and prepared in our kitchen, and then quickly frozen down to maintain the best quality, locking in the goodness, resulting in a better flavour and more nutritious meal for your little one.

Meet the Team

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Kathryn – Ambassador Oxfordshire

Hi I’m Kathryn, I live in Sonning Common or South Oxfordshire with my husband Richard and son Jake.

I’m a real foodie, and am passionate about my son trying different flavours and textures as I  understand how important it is to build a healthy relationship with children and food from a very young age. I was delighted to become a Brand Ambassador for Little Fingers Baby Food because I completely agree with the whole concept and values. Being a working mum, the flavours and range and ease Little Fingers brings, ticks a lot of boxes for parents, as well as helping cut down on waste because everything is frozen and you know your child is getting a lot of goodness and nutrition.


Hannah – Ambassador  Leeds

Hi, I’m Hannah from Leeds and I am mum to 3 year old Jessica and 18 month old twins, Rosie and Charlie.

When we started the daunting weaning stage I wanted to make sure I was feeding my kids good nutritious foods. I decided to do a combination of the traditional purees and baby led weaning. I found my kids naturally had a preference for feeding themselves the solid foods. There was nothing on the market at the time to help make this stage easier and trying to find the time to cook my own finger foods for the twins while taking care of all the other essential requirements of raising 3 young children was somewhat challenging! I’m not going to lie, there were a fair few days when alpha bites and breadsticks were about as nutritious as it got.
A friend introduced me to Little Fingers and, having been unable to return to my 9-5 job, it fitted in perfectly with my family life and I wish I’d have found them sooner to make my weaning days that little bit less stressful and healthier for my twinkles.
My kids eat them now as sides to main meals and as healthy snack options when we’re out and about. They fit in perfectly with my hectic and somewhat crazy life. I love the hidden veg and the no added nonsense! Shhhh, they’ll never know!! ☺


Alison – Ambassador  Watford

My name is Alison and I live in Watford, Hertfordshire with my husband Ben, son Harry and our dog Lily.

My husband and I love eating great food and didn’t want Harry to be stuck with boring baby purée and jars. We enjoy watching him try new flavours and textures so try to give Harry as much finger food as possible. We want Harry to enjoy eating different types of food as much as his mummy and daddy, so starting to build that love and relationship with food early is important to us.

So when we discovered Little Fingers Baby Food we was thrilled as it ticks all of the boxes. It’s healthy, organic, has a great range of choices & flavours and so convenient.

When I saw Marcus was looking for new Brand Ambassadors I contacted him straight away. I can be with Harry full time whilst sharing my passion for good nutritious food and baby led weaning principles with fellow mummies, daddies, families and friends.


Kathryn – Ambassador  Huddersfield

As a first time mum, I felt daunted by the prospect of weaning my little girl Flossie. After six months of milk, where to start?

With tales of my childhood fussiness frequently disclosed by my own Mum, I was determined Flossie, unlike myself, would survive her first years on a diet consisting of more than just boiled egg, Brussel sprouts and chocolate cake.

As a bit of a Foodie (much to Mum’s surprise), it was important for me to attempt to instil in Flossie, a love of good food. My partner Paul and I love experimenting with flavours and trying out new restaurants; we see eating as a social event – something we wanted to introduce to our newest family member.

Following a little research, it became clear that baby led weaning and finger food would give us the best chance of bringing up baby to try new dishes, equate food with family and develop a healthy attitude to food. I loved the idea of encouraging Flossie to explore new tastes and textures and from day one, she loved the independence of feeding herself. Yes, there’s mess but nothing a bib and a plastic sheet can’t handle. Just a week in, I noticed a vast improvement in her hand-eye coordination and now, a month later it’s a joy for us to all to eat at the same time, with Flossie feeding herself. I often catch other diners in cafes and restaurants watching with interest as she carefully handles her finger food, taking delicate bites, now with minimised waste!

We have Little Fingers to thank for shaping our baby into a little lady who can’t wait for mealtimes. She’s a huge fan of all the products, especially courgette bites, chicken curry fingers and apple and sultana cakes. Flossie ‘mmms and aahs’ as she chews, squeezing her fingers into her palm, signalling she wants more, once she’s devoured whatever we’ve put on her tray. She’s become a master in monitoring her own portions.

With our busy days at baby groups, visiting friends and family and running a household, Little Fingers’ food has proved convenient as well as delicious and nutritious. Our freezer is a one stop shop in filling Flossie’s tum, putting a smile on her face and seeing her grow into a healthy little girl who likes to tuck in. Weaning certainly isn’t the nightmare I imagined, with the help of Little Fingers’ Baby Food, it’s been a dream.

Kate – Ambassador North Leeds

My name is Kate. I am originally from the North East but after 10 years living & working overseas I have settled in Leeds with my husband & 3 girls.
My eldest was a hungry baby who dived straight into baby led weaning at an early age. Unfortunately this was pre Little Fingers so I spent a massive amount of time trying to produce exciting nutritious finger foods to keep her going. Feeding all my little people healthy food is very important to me, but having twins who are just about to start their weaning journey takes up a lot of my time! This range is amazing for busy parents of babies and small children who want to reduce time in the kitchen without compromising on nutrition and variation.