Welcome to Little Fingers baby food co.

Starting your baby on solid food is an exciting time and a huge milestone in their development.

It can influence the way they interact with food as they get older.

As baby self feeding is becoming more and more popular, parents are looking for real food choices for their little ones, so getting it right from the outset is extremely important. We have developed a range of baby finger foods that your little ones will love to try, letting them explore new tastes and textures and ultimately learning to love the food they eat, and also helping them to feed themselves in the process.

All our finger food is handmade and prepared in our kitchen, and then quickly frozen down to maintain the best quality, locking in the goodness, resulting in a better flavour, and a more nutritious meal for your little one to try.

We Promise
Locally sourced ingredients
No added sugar or salt
Only natural ingredients
Always freshly handmade

suitable for 7 months +